Monday, 22 October 2007

Short notes:

Post offices are hard to find in Central America. Mandriva as a desktop distro is great... but not the best when you want to get photos off of a windows-drivered-cardreader and you don't have su access. Tamarindo sucks except for surfing. It could be southern Florida, easily. Surfing wears your sunscreen off very fast, but is very fun. Next time I'm in Tofino, I'm saying no when they try to rent me a frickin foam board. Plastic and fiberglass are so much more fun. Also, rocks are hard. San Jose has two great cultural venues a block from each other: the Museo National and the Centre Des Artes Contemporaria or something similar. Hector Burke's seemingly abstract pieces are both powerful and most definitely not abstract, if you take the time to notice. Snakes and insects are cool. Neurotoxins and hemotoxins are neck and neck for best category of fluids that can kill you. Up to probably 200 Spanish words. My conjugation is atrocious. I really hope this isn't an ear infection, as we fly tomorrow. Sentence fragments are sucky, but. More to come when the monitor's at a refresh rate above 60hz and I can actually get photos up. Love and rushing red cells, -Dan


Chris said...

where are you flying to?

Sunshine said...

Good to see you're having fun, kiddos!

npinguy said...


We were just talking about you last night.

Hope all is well (and it didn't end up being an ear infection)

Miss you man. Carry on with the having of the fun and the wondereous south american adventure and such.


ToTheFront said...

It is an ear infection, and we're in Quito right now.