Wednesday, 31 October 2007


When Em and I bought travel insurance, one of the big criteria was that we would be able to just not pay, and they'd pay the bill on the spot. Not exactly the way things have worked out. My ear infection wasn't doing well the afternoon after I took the last of the amoxycillin tablets. I went to a doc, who prescribed a new one, cefuroxime (aka axetil, Zinnat). Yes, he said, it is fine to take the doxycycline antimalarials concurrently. That was Monday; last night at 5am I gave up on sleeping. The pain wasn't letting it happen, and the clear but slightly yellowish liquid emanating from my ear at a rapid rate was worrisome. Did I mention that last time the doc removed a bunch of necrotic flesh from inside, and said that the infection is in the outer and middle ears? Yeah. Anyways, I go back in half an hour; emergency gave me some pain meds and told me to keep it hot, which seems to be helping a lot, though the liquid's still coming out reasonably fast. Gurk. Long story short: out over $200, probably more after this upcoming visit. Volounteering in the rainforest might be postponed. We'll see. Edit: yup, can't leave the city until Monday at the earliest. Pain, swelling, aggravation. Upside: gives me more time to work on my travel writer's resume - there's a pilot program that I'm hoping to get into. It's a one-week travel writer's course, with the possibility of later employment, for the absurdly cheap price of $20.


Chris said...

I hope that shit clears up, sounds nasty and annoying. Make sure that any receipts they give you have some sort of official stamps and preferably hand signatures as well, and clear handwriting with all costs broken down clearly, otherwise insurance company will likely try to deny the legitimacy of the receipts.

What city are you in, and what rainforest are you going to be volunteering in?

Sunshine said...

awwww, Dan! I hope you get better soon!