Wednesday, 24 January 2007

There's an odd association that newest-wave feminists (by which I mean: feminists with a web presence) seem prone to making. It's self-association with young girls gleefully and confidently exhibiting guiltless power. Feministe, and Bitch, Ph.D., and Feministing for example, all have images in this vein. Only the latter's image suggests post-pubescence. Is it because they believe feminism, as a whole, has finally gone post-nascent and has figured out how to put on its overalls and tie its runners? Is it because they wishfully identify with the images themselves, wanting to regain childlike freedom and innocence? Is it to demonstrate that it seems out of character, when a young boy doing the same would be a bit of a hellion - but that character archetype exists for such boys, and so they themselves must exist to some degree, and no such archetype exists for women? ('Tomboy' doesn't count, as rebellion and rulebreaking aren't associated.) Is it that they feel full of childish optimism and rebellious spirit? Of course, while ruminating and reading a lot of great and not-so-great feminist and pseudo-feminist stuff, it's not all roses and waiting soil. "If you have ever wanted to tell a girl to go put on a sweater, this is your chance to do so — anonymously," for example - from a very slick, pop culture oriented site. Still, there is hope, even for cunning linguists. All of this, if it interests you, was sparked by a recent flurry of writing due to the Roe vs. Wade anniversary, and of course the Pussy Posse, which is currently very active.
Wow. I never thought finding a name would be so hard. I have lists of names for songs, groups, books, short stories, poems, art pieces... I'll often name something before I've fully fleshed it out, and use it's name as inspiration. But finding a name for this blog has been hard. Fumer is no good; I want a fresh tack, and it's Baufort calm. The need to fume is now secondary, besides. Lots of ideas that I thought were original were clearly not. Thumos, pastiche, allthatissolid, meltsintoair, thedice, halfwit, recidivist (& recidivism), justatest, twoways, bothways, khanum (a misnomer, to be sure, but I couldn't bring myself to try khagan or shahanshah), front, and more were found worthy by others first. Seditious and pensez seemed too forward, many more seemed too single-faceted. And then it hit me. To the Front, of course! Expect roughly a post a week.