Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Without further ado, I present to you... the creepcam

Yes, that IS a camera in a stuffed dog's nose.


Mike said...

But why is it so big?? You can easily stuff a wireless camera into a package the size of a flash drive, opening a myriad of other quotidian objects to creepify!

- Portraits at your friends' houses!
- Stainless steel water bottles!
- Umbrellas!
- Nintendo DS'!
- Shoes!

Although I must admit, that's some competitive pricing. Next time I see any stuffed animals in a girl's room I'll take a closer look.

Chris said...

Yeah that cam is massive! It's quite cheap to get a much smaller one that would be far less conspicuous... a couple months ago a guy was charged in Vancouver after an airport lady realised there was a camera in the ladies bathroom ceiling. Electrical repairman had put it in over a stall.