Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Wikiquote: Gra/ey

From the "things that only wikipedia would have under 'gray' and 'grey', and yet this once saved me from going on two hours of website bugs" category:

Web colors

There are several shades of grey available for use with HTML and CSS in word form, while there are 254 true greys available through Hex triplet. All are spelled with an a: using the e spelling can cause unexpected errors with outdated browsers (this discrepancy was inherited from the X11 color list), and to this day, Internet Explorer's Trident browser engine does not recognize "grey" and will not render it. Another anomaly is that "gray" is in fact much darker than the X11 color marked "darkgray;" this is because of a conflict with the original HTML gray and the X11's "gray," which is closer to HTML's "silver." The three "slategray" colors are not themselves on the greyscale, but are slightly saturated towards cyan (green + blue). Note that since there are an even (256, including black and white) number of unsaturated shades of grey, there are actually two grey tones straddling the midpoint in the 8-bit grayscale. The color name "gray" has been assigned the lighter of the two shades (128 also known as #808080), due to rounding up. In browsers that support it, "grey" has the same color as "gray."

Also, I'm now working for Zeugma Systems. No link, because I like to keep life and work seperate in a way that trackbacks would never understand - and they they are actually looking at those, since they have a contest going between some of their HR guys as to who can get the most links from their blogs. Still, that's just for now - they've just released their first major press release, and beforehand it wasn't really clear what they were doing, and HR just finished working as hard to get "the good word" out. It's a decent looking product too, for sure ahead of the market, but nothing world-changing.

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