Thursday, 20 September 2007

Mmm, the warm beach of Costa Rica. It's sweltering, people are glistening and smiling and moving slowly in the heat. Aaaah... Wish I was there. Seattle is cold and mostly cement and has no turtles. Continental Airlines and our travel agent mucked up le big time, and at 5:30am, we were trying - without success, obviously - to get on the first plane on the way to San Jose, Costa Rica. Now we're hoping to fly out tomorrow. On the upside... comped food.


Brie said...

Poor you! I've had to sleep in airports before, and it sucks. Go back to the hotel if you can!

And fear not about the weather. Unlike the rest of us, you're progressing to warmer and warmer temperatures. We are destined for our 9 months of rain, which I believe began today.

I'm so jealous that you're skipping winter this year!


emily said...

damn seattle for its lack of turtles! depending on access to the internet (by all means, spend your time doing extraordinary things and not blogging) do try to keep your loving readers updated!

love to you both!


Josephine said...

please send the sun here when you're done with it.

Chris said...

Lookin forward to reading about your travels! Sorry couldn't email you back before, Cisco VPN client must have changed some settings on my comp and now I can't send any emails, only receive :-(

Sunshine said...

Much hugging from the BC end of the world. Hope you guys are having fun now!