Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Wow. I never thought finding a name would be so hard. I have lists of names for songs, groups, books, short stories, poems, art pieces... I'll often name something before I've fully fleshed it out, and use it's name as inspiration. But finding a name for this blog has been hard. Fumer is no good; I want a fresh tack, and it's Baufort calm. The need to fume is now secondary, besides. Lots of ideas that I thought were original were clearly not. Thumos, pastiche, allthatissolid, meltsintoair, thedice, halfwit, recidivist (& recidivism), justatest, twoways, bothways, khanum (a misnomer, to be sure, but I couldn't bring myself to try khagan or shahanshah), front, and more were found worthy by others first. Seditious and pensez seemed too forward, many more seemed too single-faceted. And then it hit me. To the Front, of course! Expect roughly a post a week.

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Vanessa said...

Yay! More writing from you!